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Rude Dexter
Evil Dexter
Gender Male
Species Rude Human
Family Rude Dee Dee (sister)
First Appearance Rude Removal
Voiced By Christine Cavanaugh

Rude Dexter was the rude and evil clone of Dexter created using Dexter's Rude removing machine. He only appeared in the unaired episode "Rude Removal".


Rude Dexter looks exactly like Dexter only he has darker hair and his hair is pointy instead of curly.


Rude Dexter is a complete jerk who always cusses at people.


  • "Where the f*** are we?!"
  • "AAAHH! F*** off!"
  • "Yeah! Here's your *****ng apology!"
  • "Lunch Time? I'm *****ng starving!"
  • "I think it tastes like ****!"
  • "I've got to find some *****ng food!"
  • "Oh, Baby! Come to papa!"
  • "Why you want it all to yourself?"
  • "Hey! *****ng watch where you're throwing that ****!"
  • "Food fight!"
  • "I make my own *****ng rules!"
  • "Hey look! It's Dorkster and Dum Dum!"
  • "Say, nancy pants your mom wants you."
  • "Yeah! We are gonna go f*** up your lab!"
  • "No! You're too stupid to play with it, you moron!"
  • "Yeah!"


  • His real name was never revealed.
  • He is a stereotype on new yorkers because he talks with a new york accent, is aggressive and constantly cusses at people.