"Beats the **** out of me!"
- Evil Dee Dee, after being summoned by the Rude Removal machine.

Rude Dee Dee
Evil Dee Dee
Gender Female
Species Rude Human
Family Rude Dexter (brother)
First Appearance Rude Removal
Voiced By Kat Cressida

Rude Dee Dee is an evil and rude clone of Dee Dee that appeared in the unaired episode, "Rude Removal". She is the sister of Rude Dexter.


Rude Dee-Dee looks exactly like Dee-Dee only she had darker and spikier hair.


Much like her brother, Rude Dee Dee is the negative counterpart of Dee Dee.


  • "Beats the c**p out of me!"
  • "Hey where's the f****ng candy!?"
  • "Okay I will!"
  • "Ahhh!"
  • "Hahahahaha!"
  • "Let me play with that!!"
  • "Yeah!"


  • Her real name was never revealed.
  • She only cussed twice in the Rude Removal episode and one of them is no longer a swear word.
  • Mom was mad at Dexter and Dee Dee for their clones cussing, although she never heard Rude Dee Dee cussing, she did see her throwing food at Rude Dexter.

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