Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Male programming
Species Robot
Family Dexter (creator)
RoboDee-Dee ("sister")
Interests Women
First Appearance The Big Sister
Voiced By Christine Cavanaugh

RoboDexter is a robotic duplicate of Dexter made to replace him in situations in which he is not available or simply when he needs a substitute to replace him for his shortcomings. It appeared in the episodes "The Big Sister" and "Game for a Game".


It bears a superficial resemblance to Dexter and wears the same clothes as him, however his metallic skin is clearly visible, as well as a prominent antenna sticking out of his head, wheels at the bottom of his feet and helmet-like hair.


Despite being a mere substitute robot with a very limited vocabulary who is only meant to serve as Dexter's decoy, it in fact has rather unique characteristics, having been shown to be quite amorous, as seen when Dexter's Mom kissed it, a small heart flew out of its chest and when it was playing Knotty Bodies with Dee Dee it appeared to be enjoying the intimate contact, with its eyes briefly becoming stars. When it was first created, it seemed loyal to Dexter but quickly became rebellious. Eventually the RoboDexter would be re-programmed to be absolutely loyal to Dexter.


RoboDexter (comic)[]

RoboDexter was originally created to serve as Dexter's double and do all the menial household chores he did not wish to do. However the RoboDexter would eventually become self-aware and tried to replace Dexter, forcing Dexter to create the RoboDee-Dee to destroy him. Eventually the two robots united and threw both Dexter and Dee Dee out of the house, effectively accomplishing their goal of replacing them.

The Big Sister[]

A now obedient RoboDexter was summoned by Dexter to distract his Mom while he took care of the now gigantic Dee Dee tormenting the city.

Game for a Game[]

To ensure he would not lose to Dee Dee in a custom game of Knotty Bodies, Dexter called out the RoboDexter once again to play against Dee Dee since its extendable limbs would allow it to easily reach any of the colored circles in the room.