Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Female programming
Species Robot
Family Dexter (creator)
RoboDexter ("brother")
Interests Dancing
First Appearance RoboDexter (comic)

RoboDee-Dee is a robotic duplicate of Dee Dee made by Dexter who was originally invented to destroy the RoboDexter after it tried to replace Dexter. She only appeared in Issue #3 of the Dexter's Laboratory comic book.


RoboDexter (comic)[]

After Dexter created the RoboDexter to carry out his chores, it eventually rebelled against him and tried to replace Dexter. Two stop the RoboDexter, Dexter created the RoboDee-Dee to destroy him. The two robots engaged in a tense battle of fisticuffs which ended when the RoboDee-Dee also decided to rebel against Dexter and replace Dee Dee. The Robo Siblings then kicked out the real siblings and replaced them in their daily lives.