Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Replacements Sisters
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Actresses, Replacements
Interests Acting
First Appearance Dee Dee and the Man

The Replacement Sisters were random girls and actresses that auditioned to be Dee Dee's replacement after Dexter had enough of Dee Dee's idiocy in the episode "Dee Dee and the Man". He ultimately decides on Candi, an attractive blonde only for her to quit when she realizes it's not a TV show, but a real lab.

Known participants:

  • A dark-haired girl in a green dress who likes peace and quiet as much as Dexter
  • A curvy young brunette who has a criminal record
  • A red-head girl in a red dress, long white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes
  • A drooling baby
  • A perky nun
  • A blonde girl
  • A brunette girl in overalls
  • A geeky bucktoothed girl
  • Candi, a professional actress, dancer and model

The other participants:


  • The red-haired girl resembles the character Annie from the 1924 comic strip Little Orphan Annie.