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Red Eye Fight is a Flash game based on Dexter's Laboratory that was formerly available on the Cartoon Network website.

In this game, Dexter was working on an optical experiment. However, he accidentally unleashes an army of red eyes. Dexter has to stop the eyes before it gets out of control.


Using the arrow keys and Space Bar, the player must avoid the bouncing red eyes and shoot eyedrops to defeat the eyes. Each time an eye gets hit, it splits in two making it harder to avoid. If Dexter gets hit by a red eye, he takes damage.

Occasionally, there'll be a pair of Dexter's glasses that appears on the screen. If shot, the player will restore some of their energy.

The game ends when the player runs out of energy.


  • The game is played similarly to Time Travel, a flash game that was also available on the Cartoon Network website. The game itself was based on the animated series Time Squad.