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Rat Man
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Unknown Parents
Occupation Repairman, Superhero
Interests Fighting Crime, Cheese, Rats
First Appearance Ratman
Voiced By Maurice LaMarche

“It is I! Rat Man! The darkest, most feared vigilante of all time!”
Rat Man

Rat Man is a pudgy, short and near sighted member of The Justice Friends who mainly acts as the team's repairman due to his extensive knowledge of household electronics and plumbing.


Rat Man is a portly middle-aged man with pale skin, a round face, stubby nose, large glasses and sharp buck teeth like those of a rat. He wears a gray bodysuit with a blue cape, gloves and boots and a yellow utility belt. Overall, his outfit is made to resemble Batman's outfit. When he was a "mere child of 30", he wore a Star Check uniform and had combed hair.


Rat Man can be described as a bit of dork, especially before he became a superhero, where it is revealed that viewed himself as a child despite having been 30 years old while still living with his parents, showing that he was quite a manchild.

It is ironic that he is still quite fond of rats, especially the sewer rats that took care of him, in spite of the fact that the rats scared his parents away. His love of rats may also be due to his love of the movie "Ben" which is about a young man and his rats. He may also be a fan of Star Check, as he is seen wearing a Star Check uniform when going to the movies.

He also has a strong desire to become a competent superhero despite his rather mediocre abilities. This was seen when he is heard griping over not be allowed to join the Justice Friends in battle and be their convenient repairman.


Although he possesses no amazing superpowers, he does have innate repair and plumbing skills.


  • Skilled Mechanic: He is a skilled engineer being able to create a rat mobile for transportation. The Justice Friends also rely on Ratman, as the convenient handyman, when they suffer household problems.
  • Rat Communication: Either a natural ability or a result of living among rats, Rat Man apparently has the ability to communicate with rats.



According to Rat Man, one night when he was "a mere child of 30", he went to see the film Ben with his parents, but after leaving the theater his parents were scared away forever by a "giant sewer rat from the hideous underground" (actually a tiny white mouse from the sewers) and Rat Man never saw them again. Thus, leaving him "a mere child of 30" to fend for himself. Luckily for him, the rats took him in, cared for him, fed him and clothed him, and even taught him the ways of the rodent, training him to top physical condition and even sent him to Vocational School and afterwards gave him their "vast fortune" (a hunk of smelly cheese). This allowed him to become the hero he is today... "Rat Man".


After Krunk and Valhallen clogged the toilet they and Major Glory went down into the basement/sewers beneath the Muscular Arms apartment building to fix the plumbing. There they came face to face with the very strange Rat Man. After introducing themselves to the caped rodent, he explained his origin story to them which left them less than impressed and Major Glory calling him rather disturbed with Valhallen even questioning whether Rat Man had any real motivation for being a superhero. The Justice Friends then heard the whistling of the boiler, which was overheating due to the clog, and quickly tried to destroy it but failed miserably. Rat Man then quickly fixed it by loosening a bolt which released the excess pressure. The Justice Friends then realized that Rat Man was a skilled repairman and quickly inducted him into the Justice Friends (with a good health, dental and vision plan). However, Rat Man proved to be highly disappointed with his new occupation as all he ever did was fix appliances rather than fight crime.



An ode to Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series.

  • Rat Man's name is derived from the Italian comic book character of the same name, who himself is a parody of Batman.
  • During one scene he makes a pose similar to Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series.
  • It is unknown whether the rats really scared his parents off or if they just ditched him because they were finally fed up with taking care of him, since he was thirty.
  • In the end, he acts like the late Adam West version of Batman.
  • Valhallen commented that he had an odd origin, by bringing the fact that he was inspired by rats even though it was the rats that scared away his parents in the first place.
  • Rat Man's origin is similar to Batman's since they both lost their parents after going out to see a movie.
  • In the Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only", another Rat Man is seen among the members of A.S.W.M., however this Rat Man is notably taller and looks more like the common depiction of Batman.