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Quadraplex T-3000 Computer
Aliases Computer,
Computress (Fusion Fall)
Miss Circuit Pants (Dee Dee in Misplaced in Space)
Gender Female programming
Species Computer
Family Dexter (creator)
First Appearance Dexter's Rival
Voiced By Kath Soucie
Amy Birnbaum (Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall)

The Quadraplex T-3000 Computer (also simply known as the Computer or Computress) is Dexter's computer that oversees the running of the lab and has a personality of its own.


Computer is a big blue computer with a screen and a green line going across it that wobbles like an oscilloscope when she speaks.


"Computer" is an advanced AI capable of some degree of genuine emotion and human-like behavior, however she is strictly loyal to Dexter and follows his every command. However she has shown that she might not think of Dexter too highly as seen in Game for a Game, where she acknowledged that Dexter was cruel and egotistical when compared to the spirited and friendly Dee Dee. In the same episode she also showed to posses very mature wisdom and a good conscience, strangely human-like traits for a mere AI. She will also not act unless ordered/suggested to by Dexter or someone else, as even when Dexter was misplaced in space, she made no effort to rescue him until Dee Dee inquired about his location, showing that her level of personal thinking might be limited. Nonetheless she still cares for Dexter as well as her own safety and appears to fear Dee Dee's destructive "playtime".

In Cartoon Network Universe: Fusion Fall, Computer (renamed Computress) is given far more human-like characteristics and actually shows to be capable of feeling love, especially towards the likes of Professor Utonium.


Dexter's Rival[]

Dexter refers to his computer as "my love" or "my dear," given that she has female programming. In the episode Dexter's Rival, Dexter seemed to be in love with her but it would seem unlikely because Dexter has loved other girls before.

Critical Gas[]

In this episode, Dexter tells Computer that he'll have to do a "permanent system shutdown" because of his supposedly imminent death.

Average Joe[]

When Dexter's teacher Mr. Luzinsky tells him that computers grade intelligence tests, he adds that computers never make mistakes. Shocked and upset, Dexter heads home to tell Computer he loves her and shuts the entire laboratory down.

Game for a Game[]

Computer was assisting her role as a scoreboard for all of the games Dexter and Dee Dee were playing. After the lab blows up due to Dexter's poor sportsmanship, Computer tells Dexter the cold truth, however, Dexter dismisses her speech and orders her to make him a sandwich, which she does...literally.

Sis-Tem Error[]

Dee Dee turned off the electricity in Dexter's Lab and she had to control all the inventions and pretend to be computer.

Voice Over[]

A malfunction causes Computer to express different voices each time Dexter attempts to fix it, such as a comedian voice which constantly mocked him, a sexy voice that made him increasingly nervous, a voice similar to boxing announcer Michael Buffer, and Dee Dee's voice. Dexter cannot cope with this, and it eventually gives him laryngitis.


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