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Puppet Pal Clem (left) and Puppet Pal Mitch (right)

Puppet Pal Mitch is a purple puppet who is on The Puppet Pals Show. He tells jokes to Puppet Pal Clem that usually have the word Bonk in it. He has a big pink bat that he uses to bonk him on the head with. He stars with Clem in his own short segment of the show called T.V. Puppet Pals, where they are seen doing a segment which is about 10 seconds. His show is often seen on the TV of Dexter's Laboratory itself. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Puppet Pal Mitch is a purple puppet with a tall head and a black top hat and a green nose. Later in the series, the creators made a real puppet of him and Clem which they used in later segments and cameos in Dexter's Laboratory.

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