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This article is about Clem, one of the two Puppet Pals. For the minor character of the same name who only appeared in the episode "Hamhocks and Armlocks", see Clem.

Puppet Pal Clem (left) and Puppet Pal Mitch (right)

Puppet Pal Clem is a character of The Puppet Pals Show. Puppet Pal Mitch usually tells him jokes that involve him getting bonked on the head. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Puppet Pal Clem is a short yellow puppet with orange hair that covers his eyes, and a big green nose.

Episode Appearances[]

Dexter's Laboratory[]

The Justice Friends[]


  • He made a non-speaking cameo in the episode Last But Not Beast when a bullet was fired and it was flying over the heads of a bunch of people. Puppet Pal Clem was one of them.