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Dee Dee, Lee Lee and Mee Mee playing with their Pony Puff Princess dolls.

Pony Puff Princess is the eponymous magical pink princess horse from the Pony Puff Princess franchise within Dexter's Laboratory. She is voiced by Kath Soucie.


Pony Puff Princess is the main character of Pony Puff Princess which revolves around multicolored talking ponies who do girly things all day. Her friends are a yellow pony with blue hair with a rainbow symbol named Baby Pony Puff and a purple pony with pink hair and a heart symbol named Miss Pretty Pony Puff.

Dee Dee loves the show and has a toy of it which is her idol and favorite toy in the world. She cares for it and treats it like a best friend and she plays with it when her friends Lee Lee and Mee Mee come over for a visit, and it is their favorite show too.


Real Pony Puffs.

It is also shown in the series that Pony Puff Princesses actually exist. The Princess Pony Puff in "Dee Dee's Tail" stood up for Dee Dee when Dexter, Lee Lee and Mee Mee tried to force Dee Dee into giving rides as long as she is a pony, by threatening to eat them if they forced Dee Dee to give them rides. In "Decode of Honor", Pony Puff Princesses despise Action Hank and anything boyish, showing they have a dark side.

Episode Appearances[]

Comic Appearances[]

  • Auction Action (Cameo)
  • Girl Town (Cameo)


  • In her debut episode "Decode of Honor", Pony Puff Princess and her string of ponies didn't have a symbol on their hips. However, in the episode "Dee Dee's Tail" they are shown to have a symbol on their hip. The Pony Puff Princess had a white flower, Baby Pony Puff had a rainbow and Miss Pretty Puff had a red heart.
    • In the latter episode, during the dream sequence, Pony Puff Princess has white hair, but while talking to Dee Dee, she has blonde hair.
  • In the episode "Game Show", there is a two ton flying pony as a prize that resembles the Pony Puff Princess.
  • Pony Puff Princess and her friends are a reference to, and a parody of the My Little Pony franchise.
  • Pony Puffs have made a couple cameo appearances in series The Powerpuff Girls as well, in the episode "Nano of the North", where they are called "The Pretty Puff Ponies", and a pony that resembles the Pony Puff Princess appears in episode "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas" in a magazine. However, it was instead called "My Little Mare".


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