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Pony Puff Place

Pony Puff Place

The Pony Puff Place is the headquarters and fanclub of the Pony Puff Princesses. They are the sworn enemies of HANK HQ and greatly despise Action Hank. It appeared in the episode "Decode of Honor" where Dee Dee tried to join their club.


It is a heart-shaped building with rainbows on its side that is located on a garden surrounded by a white picket fence. Its interior is not clearly seen except that it is mostly red in color and that it has a large pot of boiling cinnamon raisin oatmeal which the Pony Puffs use to boil fans of Action Hank alive.


To join the fan club, one must find a secret decoder ring in a box of Ponypuff Puffs which contains a coded sheet explaining the tasks one must do to join.


  • Wear tutu
  • Pick flowers
  • Bake cookies


  • The club is a parody of the My Little Pony fan clubs.