Mr. Phillips Luzinsky
Aliases Mr. Luzinsky, Mr. Phillips
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation School Teacher
First Appearance Dexter's Rival
Voiced By Frank Welker

Phillips Luzinsky or simply Mr. Luzinsky is Dexter's elementary school teacher at Huber Elementary and the most common teacher seen in the series.


He is a short, round and pudgy man with a large double chin, a bald head with a little gray hair and a small nose, resembling Ben Franklin. He wears a salmon pink sweater vest over a white formal shirt along with a black bow tie, small glasses and brown pants with brown shoes.

In seasons 3 & 4, his appearance changed drastically, how having a more rectangular body shape with a large and bulbous orange nose and darker gray hair. His vest was now green and had diamond patterns.


Mr. Luzinsky seems to be a generally upright and knowledgeable teacher. His hero, apparently, is George Washington Carver. Like many of the teachers at Huber Elementary, he is very proud of Dexter and admires his intelligence. He even considers Dexter to be his official "teacher's pet", a fact which Dexter is proud of.

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