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Philian Poppyseed
Species Pixie
Occupation Pixie Prince
First Appearance D & DD
Voiced By Dee Bradley Baker

Philian Poppyseed is the precocious pixie priss that was made up by Dee Dee after she became the Game Master of Dexter's Monsters and Mazes roleplaying game. She only appeared in the episode "D & DD."


Philian is a tiny teal pixie resembling an imp with pointy ears, swirly magenta hair, blue eyeshadow, and long eyelashes.


Dee Dee portrays Philian as a very sassy character and usually appears calm despite having been trapped in a tube of Pixie Stick candy. Philian and "Fairy Queen Dee Dee" are also shown to get along quite well.


D & DD[]

Philian Poppyseed is first found by Dexter (as Hodo the Furry-Footed Burrower) in a tube of Pixie Stick candy that was inside a piñata dragon, having been imprisoned within it. After being freed, Philian decides to thank the noble heroes by taking them to the fabled court of the Fairy Queen. Happy to be reunited with her lost pixie, the Fairy Queen grants the heroes their fondest wishes, with the exception of Dexter who just got a cup that never spills.

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