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Perfect Pony
Perfect Pony Creation
Species Mutant Pony
Family Mandark (creator)
Interests Dee Dee
First Appearance Dee-Dee's Pony Tale

The Perfect Pony was a cutesy artificial pony designed by Mandark as a gift for Dee Dee's birthday. It appeared in the comic Dee-Dee's Pony Tale.


Dee-Dee's Pony Tale[]

Perfect Pony

The Perfect Pony fully transformed.

On the day of Dee Dee's birthday, Mandark wanted to give her a gift so spectacular that Dee Dee would have to love him. So to win her heart, Mandark began creating the perfect girly gift, the "Perfect Pony", a truly adorable creature whose cuteness would rival that of the Ponypuff Puffs. To ensure the creature would have maximum cuteness, Mandark combined horse DNA with the DNA of several creatures to give it its unique look. First giving it giant squid DNA to give it big eyes, then DNA from the pinkest earthworm, the yellowest canary, and the silkiest silk moth to give it the most lustrous and softest coat in pony history. The result was a truly adorable creature which Mandark proudly presented to Dee Dee at her birthday party. However, unbeknownst to Mandark, the combined DNA caused a horrific mutation to occur within the Perfect Pony, transforming it into a giant chimeric abomination that destroyed everything in sight. The beast then became even larger and sprouted three heads as it prepared to attack Dee Dee, yet despite this, Dee Dee still found the creature to be adorable and was somehow able to tame it and restore it to normal via some form of horse whispering, much to everyone's shock. Despite this, Dee Dee's parents believed she was still too young for a pony, forcing Mandark to take it back. As he walked home with the pony, it quickly reverted back to its monstrous form and attacked Mandark.