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Pepe Wrap

Pepe Wrap

A Pepe Wrap (also pronounced Papi Wrap) is a large, pure meat burrito made by Koosy. It was seen in the episode "The Koos is Loose". While trying to befriend Dexter, Koosy made him his famous Pepe Wrap to please him. However when Dexter refused to eat it, Koosy tickles his chin so that he can shoves the large burrito into his mouth, much to Dexter's annoyance and sore cheeks.



Dexter eats a Pepe Wrap

  • First you need a very large tortilla, a frying pan and a Tub of Meat.
  • Then you cook the meat for a bit and once its done, you slap it on the tortilla.
  • Then wrap the massive tortilla around the Tub of Meat while making sure the meat doesn't spill out.
  • Wallah! Now you have a Pepe Wrap.