Parrot Robot
Aliases Stupid Bird, Pabot
Species Robot in the shape of a bird
Family Dexter (creator)
Occupation Recording Device
First Appearance The Parrot Trap

The Parrot Robot, the Pabot, or the Stupid Bird, is a recording droid Dexter created to repeat compliments back to him.


The Parrot Trap

Shortly after its creation, Dexter enjoyed his new companion, but after it overhead a harsh verbal exchange of insults between Dexter and Dee Dee he malfunctions and begins saying random, crude, stupid and insulting things to everyone and it even almost revealed the lab to Dexter's parents. Luckily, it was destroyed by Dexter before it could even say "Dexter's Secret Laboratory" to his parents, unfortunately Dexter accidentally blurted it out himself, although Dexter erased his parents' memories soon after. Even though it was destroyed, the Robot Parrot's beak still kept talking.

IDW Comic #1

The Parrot Robot's remains are seen in Dexter's Broken Dreams Vault where he keeps all of his failed and destroyed inventions.