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Parrot Robot
Aliases Stupid Bird, Pabot
Gender Unknown
Species Bird-shaped robot
Family Dexter (creator)
Occupation Recording Device
First Appearance The Parrot Trap

The Parrot Robot is one of Dexter's inventions created to repeat everything it hears. It only appeared in the episode "The Parrot Trap."


The Parrot Trap[]

Shortly after hatching from an egg, the Parrot Robot sat on a perch next to Dexter and repeated back everything he said to it. However, it overhears the fight between Dexter and Dee Dee, causing it to insult Dexter instead. Fed up with the robot's smart aleck comments, Dexter repeatedly slammed it and the perch on his desk.

The Parrot Robot later goes out of Dexter's lab and causes chaos around the house by terrorizing Dad while he was watching his show and helping Mom out with her cooking by adding unnecessary ingredients to her batter. Later, as Dexter is vacuuming his lab, he sees the Parrot Robot in the kitchen and races there to destroy it, as the Parrot Robot itself repeats "Dexter's secret!", drawing suspicion from Dad, Dee Dee, and Mom.

Before the Parrot Robot answers, Dexter grabs the robot out of Dad's hands and slams it on the ground, making the Parrot Robot lose an eye, its beak, and some bolts. Just after Dexter unintentionally tells his parents that he built the Parrot Robot in his laboratory, the Parrot Robot's beak and Dee Dee both mock him for his blunder.

IDW Comic #1[]

The Parrot Robot's remains are seen in Dexter's Broken Dreams Vault where he keeps all of his failed and destroyed inventions.