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"Paper Route Bout"
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"Paper Route Bout"
"The Old Switcharooms" The Old Switcharooms
Paper Route Bout
Season 2, Episode 30a
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Air date March 4, 1998
Production number 230a
Written by Mr. Lawrence
Storyboard by Daniel Krall
Directed by John McIntyre
Craig McCracken (art direction)

Paper Route Bout is the first segment of the thirtieth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on March 4, 1998.

In this episode, a group of bicycle-riding rogues dressed as ninjas interrupt Dee Dee's paper route every morning by vandalizing property and causing chaos in the neighborhood. With Dad's help, Dee Dee works to stop them.


In the morning, Dee Dee rides around the neighborhood on her bicycle throwing newspapers to her friendly neighbors. She goes home and places the newspaper for Dad in front of the door, but the paper lands in the nearby puddle. Up the street, a Ninja bicycle clan rides into the neighborhood, throwing papers at people, other animals, and windows. The people spill their coffee as a result. Dee Dee watches as Dad gets hit by a newspaper and have coffee spilled all over him as a result.

Dee Dee travels through the neighborhood looking at the damage the Ninja clan inflicted. She then goes to find their hideout and chastises them for what they did. In retaliation, they hit Dee Dee in the face with multiple newspapers. Dee Dee heads back home injured and dazed. In the neighborhood, the residents complain about the Ninjas targeting them, their property, nightwear, and pets. Dad comes up with an idea on how to counter them. He suggests that the neighborhood attack the clan, but Dee Dee does not want any bloodshed on her hands or anyone else's, so Dad reluctantly agrees to a contest. He throws a note at the Ninjas' hideout for them to come back into the neighborhood and a contest commences.

In the neighborhood, Dad explains the rules for the paper route contest, and both Dee Dee and one of the Ninjas race down the block. At the first house, Dee Dee's newspaper lands in a tree and the Ninja's newspaper hits a flock of birds in the sky. At the second house, Dee Dee's newspaper lands in a birdbath and the Ninja's newspaper flies over a squirrel, and the squirrel throws its acorn back at the Ninja in retaliation. As the contest goes on, Dee Dee's newspapers land in different places, while the Ninja's newspapers break windows and statues. At the last house, Dee Dee throws a newspaper and it lands on the welcome mat. The Ninja tries to follow suit, but spots a man on a unicycle carrying small animals and fine china. The Ninja stops and smiles, looks at the house, the cart, and his cohorts behind him. The man on the unicycle flees and the Ninja chases after him. Both the man and the Ninja crash, making Dee Dee the winner of the contest.

The clan is mad at their fellow Ninja for losing the contest. As punishment, he is given a newspaper and is ordered to whack himself in the head with it.


  • Dee Dee: Father?
  • Dad: Dee Dee......My child.
  • Dee Dee: FATHER!!!
  • Dee Dee: Uh, Dad? Don't you think you're overreacting? It's only a little coffee.
  • Dad: Yeah, but it was pretty hot, you know.
  • Woman: This was my favorite nightgown and they got coffee all over it!
  • Man #1 and Man #2: And they broke our favorite mug!
  • Man #3: And they hurt my cat.
  • Dad: THIS CAN'T GO ON! We cannot stand by and watch as our neighborhood is overrun by these....these VANDALS! They must be hunted down and destroyed like the dogs that they are!
  • Dee Dee: Dad, you can't do that!
  • Dad: I can't? Oh, well, then, we should have a contest or something.



  • Neither Dexter nor Mom appear in this episode. As for the former, this is the first episode of Dexter's Laboratory that he doesn't appear in.
  • When Dad suggests hunting down the Paper Ninjas, Dee Dee advises against it because it would count as murder.

Cultural references[]

  • At the end, one of the Paper Ninjas gives the one who lost a newspaper, and he hits himself with it before falling to the ground. This is a reference to seppuku, a form of punishment by suicide where a dishonored samurai would thrust a sword through his heart.

Production Notes[]