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Old Man McCowsky
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Retired
First Appearance Average Joe

Old Man McCowsky is a grumpy old man from the episode "Average Joe". He is a stereotypical old man who lives somewhere in the neighborhood and hates ding-dong ditchers like Jimmy Smith, Chris and Dexter.


Old Man McCowsky is a stubborn old man in casual clothes who carries a cane and wears a bucket hat.


Old Man McCowsky acts like a stereotypical old man. He hates it when kids ding-dong ditch him. He also seems to be a bit near-sighted or senile, as he believed that Dexter was an actual pig.


After Jimmy, Dexter and Chris all met up, the boys decided to go and play a doorbell prank on Old Man McCowsky. Once it was Dexter's turn, Dexter rang the doorbell, but didn't know that he was caught as the boys try to tell Dexter to run, Dexter was captured as the boys ran away. He later called Dexter's Dad and told him that he found his lost pig.