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Old Man McCowsky
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Retired
First Appearance Average Joe

Old Man McCowsky is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. He only appeared in the episode "Average Joe".


Old Man McCowsky is a tall, stubborn old man. He wears an azure robe, a white shirt, khaki pants, and a bucket hat.


Old Man McCowsky acts like a stereotypical old man who despises kids. He is shown to be a frequent target of Jimmy Smith and Chris whenever they play ding-dong-ditch.


After Dexter chose to live an average life following an IQ test, he goes to hang out with Jimmy Smith. They then go meet up with Jimmy's friend Chris, who tags with them to Old Man McCowsky's house. At first, Jimmy and Chris ring the doorbell then bolt, making Mr. McCowsky angry. When it is Dexter's turn, he rings the doorbell and, instead of running, stands in front of Mr. McCowsky while Jimmy and Chris, the former addressing Dexter as a "little piggy", tell him to run. Mr. McCowsky thinks Dexter is a pig as he picks him up while Dexter squeals like an actual pig.

At the end of the episode, Mr. McCowsky calls Dad to let him know his "little piggy" had escaped, unaware of the fact that the "little piggy" is Dad's son Dexter.