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Officer 63
Officer 63
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Minion
Interests Torture
First Appearance Chubby Cheese
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Officer 63 is a member of the evil organization that secretly controls Chubby Cheese's from the shadows. As part of his cover, he works as a Chubby Helper and wears a Chubby Cheese costume while patrolling the restaurant. He appeared in the episode "Chubby Cheese". He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Officer 63 is a large bald, black man that wears a Chubby Cheese costume and sunglasses. He also wears a large headset underneath his costume.


Chubby Cheese[]

After he catches Dexter cheating at "Whack-A-Weasel" and then takes him to the Captain of Chubby Cheese's for questioning. Once they question Dexter, they demand he join their organization, threatening to torture him with deadly tools if he doesn't comply. Thankfully, Dee Dee arrives just in time, distracting the villains long enough for Dexter to escape with her.

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