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"Ocean Commotion"
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Ocean Commotion
Season 2, Episode 11c
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Ocean Commotion title card
Air date September 24, 1997
Production number 210c
Storyboard by Kevin Kaliher
Directed by Rob Renzetti

Ocean Commotion is the third segment of the eleventh episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on September 24, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter and his family go to the beach where he tries to communicate with whales. While dressed as a mermaid, Dee Dee goes for a swim in the ocean and gets captured by pirates, forcing Dexter to rescue her.



  • Dee Dee (in her mermaid swimsuit) swimming underwater and rising up to the surface is a reference to Disney's The Little Mermaid where Ariel swims up after being turned into a human.
  • Cap'n Ahab and the White Whale are characters from Herman Melville's story Moby Dick.

Production Notes[]

"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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