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  • Dee Dee: (narrating) Dexter, I have hidden your funny glowy thing! Now you have to find it! Just follow the clues! Won't this be fun?
  • Dexter: DEE DEE! She does not realized the danger she has caused! If I do not retrieve the nuclear core in one hour, it will meltdown causing a chain reaction which would destroy the earth! And I won't be able to read my book! No time to waste! (reads first clue) Clue #1. Apple, cherry, blueberry. R squared. Computer, analyze clue and find solution. (puts paper in computer scanner)
  • Computer: Apple, cherry, blueberry. R squared. Pi is r squared if you remember you calculus. And apple, cherry, and blueberry are flavors.
  • Dexter: Of course! Mother is baking pies today. (rushes to the kitchen and looks at the pies) Hmm...which pie holds the next clue?
  • Dexter's Mom: Dexter? (Dexter turns) If you wanted some pie, all you have to do is ask. Which flavour do you want?
  • Dexter: One of each, mother. That way I can find the next clue for sure.
  • [After eating all 3 pies his mom made, Dexter is now overweight and fat.]
  • Dexter's Mom: My, you were hungry. I hope you have room for dinner. We're having pot pie.
  • Dexter: I have eaten all the pies and there's still no clue. [reads "go next door"] The next clue: Go next door. [waddles up next door]
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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