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  • (Dexter stretches his body making him taller than Dee Dee.)
  • Dexter: You have eaten my sandwich!
  • (He stretches down to his normal stature.)
  • Dee Dee: Hey, you're all stretchy. Cool!
  • (Dee Dee pulls her brother's pink nose and later releases it causing to retract and snap back on to his face all stretched out. Dee Dee laughs while her brother narrows his away from her in annoyance. She then grabs him and starts stretching his ears, and molding him into a huge ball of gum, stuffing him into her mouth and starts chewing him. She then blows her brother into a huge bubble causing it to pop getting him all over her face. She then pulls him off and turns him into a ball and starts bouncing him around like a basketball. Two robots on wheels move to intercept her. Dee Dee with a smug on her face avoids them as they crash into each other. She dunks him into a hoop a scores. The scene transitions to Dee Dee having fun with her elastic brother, such as using him as a bungee cord, and then a trampoline. Dexter manages to escape from his sister and hides behind one of his equipment. Dee Dee starts looking for him.)
  • Dee Dee: Come out, come out, wherever you are! Dexter!
  • Dexter: There is no stopping her. What am I going to do? I know.
  • (Dexter starts to stretch and contort his body turning into a pink version of dad.)
  • Dee Dee: Dexter? Where did he go?
"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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