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Neighbor Lady
Touchy Feely Neighbor Lady
Aliases Touchy Feeling Neighbor Lady
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Housewife
Interests Baking Cookies
First Appearance Nuclear Confusion
Voiced By Kath Soucie

The Neighbor Lady is the Dexter Family neighbor who has a reputation for being overly kind.


She's a blonde with slender but very curvaceous build, wide hips and an extra-large behind to match her wide hips. She looks like a typical housewife like Dexter's Mom, but it's unknown if she's married or if she lives by herself.


She likes Dexter, calling him "cute" and pinching his cheeks, and seems to have a kind and friendly personality overall.


Nuclear Confusion


Don't let Mom find out.

To look for the third clue which Dee Dee left for him after she took his nuclear core from his lamp, he goes next door to the Neighbor Lady's house. She lets Dexter into her house and offers to give him some cookies.

While she's in the kitchen, Dexter tries looking for the next clue, and when he sees the Neighbor Lady bend over to pick up a cookie she dropped onto the floor, Dexter sees "Dad's Trophy" branded across her massive butt cheeks. With the clue now known, Dexter runs off back to his house.


  • It's unknown how Dee Dee was able to write "Dad's Trophy" across the Neighbor Lady's rear end without the Neighbor Lady noticing.