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Multi-Formic Megabot
The "Multi-Forming Megabot"
Species Robot
Family Dexter (creator)
Occupation Fighting Robot
First Appearance "Last But Not Beast"

Of all the inventions Dexter has created, the Multi-Formic Megabot was one of his greatest - and eventually the last hope in eliminating Badaxtra in Japan in the events of Last But Not Beast. It is a giant fighting robot combined from 4 different component vehicles, each piloted by Dexter and his family: Helicopter (Dexter), Boat (Dad), Van (Mom) and Jet (Dee Dee). Using a wide array of weapons - twin swords, an energy-ball attack and superior, ballet-style maneuverability to name a few - with the "united hearts" advice of Toshi and Monkey's core powerup, the Multi-Forming Megabot, overcoming initial individual technical difficulties and interference by Mandark, eventually crushes the mutated monster once and for all.



Vehicles together.

Copy of Megabot


The Megabot is capable of vast destructive power and wields a number weapons and other combat features that it can use to ward off mighty foes. Such features as mentioned above, range from a pair of twin swords to the ability to generate destructive balls of energy from its hands. It has also been designed to be able to move with as much elegance, grace and maneuverability as Dee Dee, giving it great agility and dexterity which aids in avoiding and dealing attacks. When its core was empowered by Monkey's energy, the Megabot was powerful enough to pulverize Badaxtra (a near invincible foe) to smithereens.

One downside to the mecha is that the part arrangement lead to some control issues at the start of the fight. The legs are impossible for two people to operate individually and Dee Dee proved incapable of operating the arm controls. After rearranging the parents and Dee Dee so that they operated different limbs (and after Dexter's Dad tried to take command at the head where Dexter sat, only to be shot down by Mom) they still had to realize, via a story by Toshi, the foreign exchange student, that they needed to work together to win.


  • The Multi-Formic Megabot is a parody and reference to the Super Sentai / Power Rangers franchise and their Zords/Megazords. The key used to activate the combination is likely a reference to Voltron as well.
  • The Van that Mom drives has a slightly similar design and appearance to the Vehicle Mode of Rodimus Prime from the original 80's Transformers cartoon.