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This article is about Ms. L, the librarian who appeared in the episode Book 'Em. For a different character with the same occupation, see Ms. Salinger.
Ms. L
Gender Female
Species Human
Affiliations Thug 1 & Thug 2
Occupation Librarian
Interests Taking care of the library
First Appearance Book 'Em
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Ms. L is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She only appeared in the episode "Book 'Em".


Ms. L is a tall woman with gray hair tied into a bun held with a red scrunchie. She wears a light blue old fashioned dress with a ruffled top, a black button, black high heels and black cat eyed glasses.


In her only appearance, Ms. L works at the local library. She notes how diligent Dexter is when he checks out several books from the library, though when Dexter gets home with his books, he notes that one of the books Dee Dee had was illegally checked out. In his imagine spot, Dexter watched as Ms. L cried at him breaking her trust and banned him from the library forever, with Dexter consequently being sent to "library heck".

That night, Dexter and Dee Dee break into the library to return the illegally checked out book, but Dee Dee's tomfoolery complicates things. Fed up with her antics, Dexter yells out "QUIET!!!" and triggers the silent alarm. Ms. L and two thugs enter the library, where she sends them to find the intruders. After a brief chase, Dee Dee turns herself in and Ms. L congratulates her on finding Dexter.

As punishment, Dexter was forced to read a story to the children during story time while Dee Dee was hailed as the library's patron of the month.