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Mrs. Morris
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation School Counselor
First Appearance Mind Over Chatter
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Mrs. Morris is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She first appeared in the episode "Streaky Clean", where she had no speaking roles. She appeared again in the episode "Mind Over Chatter", where she works at Huber Elementary as a counselor.

Appearance and personality[]

Mrs. Morris is a tall woman and has long platinum blonde hair, square glasses and red lipstick. She also wears a blue turtleneck sweater, a gray skirt and blue high heels.

Mrs. Morris is shown to be very kind and caring, as she listens to those who talk to her.


Streaky Clean[]

Mrs. Morris is one of the women who appears at the Dexter Family house near the end of the episode. Here, she is seen amongst several other women who are implied to be Mom's friends. They get a surprise when the cleaning satellite fires a ray at Dexter after Mom remarks about the stain on the back of his lab coat.

Mind Over Chatter[]

Mrs. Morris played a larger role in this episode. Here, Dexter, per Mr. Luzinsky's orders, had to go see Mrs. Morris after lunch because his mind was repeating everything Mr. Luzinsky said, causing constant interruptions during a lecture on George Washington Carver and the various use of peanuts.

In Mrs. Morris's office, she and Dexter have a brief discussion about his behavior and things go well for them. However, as Dexter was getting ready to leave Mrs. Morris's office, his mind calls her a "sucker". It was then implied that Dexter got in trouble, as he sits in one of the stalls in the boys' bathroom crying.