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Mr. Chau
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Shop owner
First Appearance Unfortunate Cookie
Voiced By James Hong

Mr. Chau is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. He made his only appearance in the episode "Unfortunate Cookie".


Mr. Chau is a tall, elderly, and bespectacled man. He has long white hair and wears a long purple robe with yellow-orange rings and a small beanie-like cap.


In his only appearance, Dexter and Dee Dee get their fingers stuck in a finger trap and they both go to Chinatown to find a way to get it removed. There, they go to Ancient Novelties and run into Mr. Chau, who is the store owner. When Dee Dee tells him they are from the suburbs, Mr. Chau believes they are two rich kids and offers them DJ Quack-Quack, a robotic duck toy. When Dee Dee explains about their situation, Mr. Chau has them run errands for him. After they do so, Mr. Chau helps them out of their predicament by bringing their index fingers close enough to make the finger trap bigger, to which he then pulls off. Dexter and Dee Dee thank Mr. Chau for his help, and he once more offers DJ Quack-Quack to them before they leave to head home.