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"Morning Stretch"
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Morning Stretch
Season 2, Episode 4c
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Morning Stretch
Air date August 6, 1997
Production number 205c
Written by Zeke Kamm
Directed by Rob Renzetti

Morning Stretch is the third segment of the fourth episode in season two of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on August 6, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter stays up late working in his laboratory and oversleeps as a result. In the morning, he realizes that he forgot to do his homework. With his prototype invention, the Time Expansion Helmet, Dexter converts the remaining 30 seconds to 30 minutes to prepare for school and get his homework done on time.


Dexter is in his laboratory working on a math equation. When he finds the answer, Dexter leaves his lab to see that he forgot to do his homework, but instead of doing it right away, he goes to bed. In the living room, Dee Dee is watching T.V. Puppet Pals and eating cereal until the program is interrupted with breaking news.

Dee Dee's shriek wakes Dexter up and he notices that it is 7:59 AM. He then starts panicking as the school bus will be there to pick Dexter and Dee Dee up at any moment and can't decide between his morning chores and homework. He walks over to his Albert Einstein poster, pulls it open, and reveals his experimental invention: The Time Expansion Helmet. After putting it on, Dexter turns the 30 seconds into 30 minutes, causing everything in the house to slow down significantly.

Dexter races to take a shower, but due to the Time Expansion Helmet's effects, the water comes out of the shower head very slowly. With no time to waste, Dexter grabs the water, rubs it all over him, then races to the sink to brush his teeth. As Dexter squeezes the toothpaste tube, it squirts onto the ceiling. He jumps, gets some on his toothbrush, brushes his teeth, then runs to get dressed. After passing by Dee Dee, Dexter races to the kitchen, grabs the microwaveable breakfast and sticks it into the microwave. The Time Expansion Helmet causes the microwave to move slower than usual, with Dexter getting impatient. When it beeps, the microwave reads "2:59". Dexter then notices a piece of toast and tries to grab it with both his hands and teeth, but he couldn't due to the toast being out of reach.

With not much time left, Dexter pours himself a bowl of Glory-O's and some milk. He reaches inside the cereal box to grab some cereal, then he tears open the milk carton and eats some of the milk. On his way back to his room, Dexter passes by Dee Dee then continues on his way. In his room, Dexter gets to work on his homework just as the Time Expansion Helmet's effect starts to wear off. The first paper Dexter writes on burns from too much friction, and he slowly writes on the second piece of paper. The Time Expansion Helmet's effects expire as everything in the house resumes moving at normal speed. With his homework finished, Dexter races for his room door, but is knocked to the side as Dee Dee opens it. Dexter tells her that they are going to miss the school bus, and as he tries to head out of his room, Dee Dee blocks his way.

Dexter's alarm clock rings, and he becomes upset about being tardy to school. Dee Dee tells him that school was cancelled due to a snow day, causing Dexter to faint.




  • Despite appearing physically, Mom and Dad do not have speaking lines in this episode.
  • While Huber Elementary was mentioned, it did not appear in this episode.

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