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Monster Potion
Created by Dexter
Used by Dexter
Dee Dee
Function Transform drinker into monster
First Appearance Monstory

The Monster Potion is one of Dexter's many inventions. It was used only in the episode "Monstory" when Dexter and Dee Dee both used the potion to become large, powerful monsters.

When ingested, the potion transforms the consumer into giant mutant monster of any possible size and shape, and as time passes, the user becomes more powerful, gigantic and monstrous to the point where the user can become as large as a continent and be seen from space. As Dexter and Dee Dee transformed into different monsters, it appears that the transformation varies from person to person.

The Monster Potion is a green liquid kept in a glass vial in Dexter's lab coat, right next to his Silence Potion. Its close proximity to the Silence Potion is actually what causes Dexter to accidentally give Dee Dee the wrong potion.