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Mom and Jerry
Season 2, Episode 2a
Episode name reference to/pun on: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Tom and Jerry and the character Mom
Mom and Jerry
Air date July 23, 1997
Production number 201a
Directed by Robert Alvarez

Mom and Jerry is the first part of the second episode of Season Two in Dexter's Laboratory. It aired on July 23, 1997. In this episode, Dexter swaps brains with a mouse. However, when Mom notices the mouse-sized genius, Dexter does everything he can to avoid being attacked.


Dexter is ready to begin his new experiment: a machine that will allow him to swap the minds of Monkey and a mouse. Before it can activate, however, Dee Dee arrives, wanting to play with Monkey. The primate removes his helmet and places it on Dexter without him noticing. As the machine begins the process, Dexter realizes Monkey is gone, but before he can stop the experiment, the machine activates and swaps both Dexter and the mouse’s brain. Now in the mouse’s body, Dexter desperately tries to fix the mistake, but the mouse (in Dexter’s body) flees. Dexter gives chase, but falls into a small hole. Dee Dee calls down the hole to assure Dexter she will catch his body.

Dexter is spit out into the kitchen sink. Mom is there, decorating a cake. Hearing his voice, Mom turns around and screams upon seeing the mouse (not knowing it's Dexter). She tries to shoo him away by throwing a rolling pin, but Dexter hops on top, and after a few seconds of ridding the roller, accidentally ruins the cake. Mom becomes more angry and continues trying to get rid of the mouse.

After being chased up the top shelf, Dexter tries to distract her by dropping expensive china plates. Mom carefully catches each one, but now holding two tall stacks, is struggling to keep them balanced. Dexter next drops a tea set. Her hands already full, Mom is forced to use her large butt to catch the set, further adding to her balancing issues. Dexter jumps on and off her, causing her to fall and break all the dishes. Dexter winces at the sight before escaping to the living room.

Mom manages to catch Dexter in a vase. When she looks inside, he plucks one of her eyelashes and escapes. As Mom gets closer to Dexter, he drops the eyelash, causing her to trip and fall on top of the mouse. Mom stands, but Dexter is nowhere to be seen. He pokes his head out from Mom’s apron, disgusting her long enough to get away.

After hiding under a glass table, Dexter believes he is safe, but Mom finds a pair of wooden clogs. She destroys the table, but afterwards cannot find Dexter in the mess. Just then she notices a Russian nesting doll moving. She starts opening the dolls, believing the mouse to be inside one of them, not knowing he has disguised himself as one of the dolls that she already opened. Dexter then hides in plain sight as a decoration on a wreath. When Mom examines the wreath, Dexter changes back and traps her in it.

Dexter lands in the celling fan and mocks Mom from afar. Mom manages to break out of the wreath and grabs a broom, using it as a bo staff. Dexter throws lightbulbs at her, forcing her to hide behind the couch. In a last resort, Mom launches one of her gloves at the fan, causing it to fall. Rather than crashing, however, Dexter uses the fan as a makeshift airplane and flies back into his room.

Dexter uses one of his toys to open his lab. Hearing Mom marching up the stairs, Dexter asks Computer to release a robotic mouse as a distraction. Upon arriving in the room, Mom sees the robot mouse and chases it back downstairs. Dexter sighs in relief.

After making back inside the lab, Dexter sees his body with the brain-switching helmet already on. Just as he is about to activate the machine, Dee Dee arrives and reveals she found a cat to help catch the mouse. The mouse in Dexter’s body gets scared and runs away. The feline’s real target is Dexter since he is still in the mouse's body, and Dexter runs off as the cat gives chase. Confused, Dee Dee then starts barking as she chases the cat, who continues chasing Dexter and the mouse. The episode ends with Monkey observing the scene. He shrugs at the foolishness, then returns to reading his copy of "Of Mice and Men,” blowing on a bubble pipe to appear sophisticated.



  • This episode shows another way to open the bookcase entrance into the lab, by pressing a button located inside a book off Dexter's bookshelf.

Cultural References[]

  • Dexter plays Jerry's role and Mom plays Tom's role.
  • The title card, name and episode is a parody of the 1940s cartoon Tom and Jerry.


  • Dexter's mouth doesn't move when he says, "Hey! My room!"
  • Mom's cake is laid on the counter beside the one mouse Dexter was on. But when he jumps on the rolling pin, it moved to directly in front of him.

Production Notes[]