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Mom-Droid 1000
Mom-Droid 1000 2
Gender None (Female programming)
Species Robot
First Appearance Maternal Combat
Voiced By None

Mom-Droid 1000 is a robot created by Dexter who appeared in the episode "Maternal Combat".


After Mom-Droid's controls were taken by Dee Dee, Dexter built a second robot, Mom-Droid 1000, to fight her.


Mom-Droid 1000 was a more futuristic-looking robot than Mom-Droid and did not really resemble Mom, other than her basic body shape. Her entire body, other than her visor, is white. She has a green visor instead of eyes and two antennas where her ears would be. She also has no legs or feet, just a vase shaped lower body that allows her to hover and fly.


Mom-Droid 1000 is more advanced than Mom-Droid in both design and weaponry; she is able to fire some kind of energy beam from her hands.