Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender None (Female programming)
Species Robot
First Appearance Maternal Combat
Voiced By Christine Cavanaugh ("Project Dee Dee")

The Mom-Droid is a robot created by Dexter in the episode "Maternal Combat".


Mom-Droid very closely resembles Mom but her skin is a lighter aqua color and her hair and clothes are a darker aqua color. Her eyes are yellow and she has two large bolts sticking out of her neck like Frankenstein's monster.

After she was rebuilt, she greatly resembled Mom in color this time, however her face and body were far less detailed and more robotic than before.


Maternal Combat[]

Dexter created the Mom-Droid to replace Mom while she was sick. However, when Dee Dee got a hold of Mom-Droid's controller, she used it to "play" with Dexter, much to his annoyance. He then created the Mom-Droid 1000 to challenge Dee Dee's Mom-Droid. After getting into a Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots-esque fight, both droids were eventually totaled.

Project Dee Dee[]


Mom-Droid rebuilt.

At some point, Dexter apparently rebuilt the Mom-Droid, although this time it actually shared Mom's color-scheme but lacked the original Mom-Droid's detailed facial features, making it somewhat of an amalgamation of the first two Mom-Droids. Dexter also designed this Mom-Droid so he could speak through it and used it to convince Dee Dee to let "Dexter" help her with her science project. This Mom-Droid also appeared to have some level of artificial intelligence, having been able to feel and react to Dad pinching her rear.


  • Mom-Droid's appearance in the episode "Project Dee Dee" closely resembles Rosie, the robot maid from Hanna-Barbera's animated series The Jetsons.