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Mom's Muffins

Mom's Muffins

Mom's Muffins are her baked confectionary treats. They only appeared in the episode "The Muffin King", where they serve as a major plot point.


In the kitchen, as Mom was making her muffins, Dad interrupts her and after messing with a food processor, Mom orders him to leave the kitchen so she can resume making her muffins and have them ready by dinnertime.

In the living room, Dad reveals to Dexter and Dee Dee that the muffins were the reason why he married Mom. After Mom bakes the first batch of muffins out of the oven, she sits them on the windowsill and tasks Dexter and Dee Dee with keeping the muffins away from Dad while she runs to the store to get a roast.

With Mom away, Dad hatches several plans to get to the muffins, only to be foiled by Dexter and Dee Dee every time. Near the end of the episode, as Dad lunges toward the muffins to get one of them, a squirrel picks the tray of muffins up and a brawl between it and Dad ensues, with Dad ordering Dee Dee to keep the muffins safe until dinner after he makes the squirrel give them back to him.

When Mom returns home, she sees that Dad has kept her muffins safe and gives him permission to eat one. While Mom, Dexter, and Dee Dee go back into the house, Dad gives the squirrel a bag of peanuts, to which it eats the peanuts while Dad eats the muffin.


According to Mom's cookbook, the muffins are made with the following:

  • Quik
  • 2 Eggs
  • Muffin Mix
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda


  • The way Mom raises her muffins is similar to how Dexter raised a plate of cookies in the episode "The Big Sister".