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"Mock 5"
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"Mock 5"
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Mock 5
Season 2, Episode 9c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The Mach 5, the vehicle seen in the anime Speed Racer
Mock 5
Air date September 10, 1997
Production number 212c
Written by Craig McCracken
Directed by Rob Renzetti
Genndy Tartakovsky

Mock 5 is the third segment of the ninth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on September 10, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter competes in the big race down Volcano Mountain while trying to beat Mandark.


Dexter enters a soapbox derby (initially against his father's will because Dee Dee supposedly "died" from crashing into a turtle, but then he changes his mind on the condition he does it in memory of Dee Dee) but Mandark is going up against him. Dexter will face Mandark in the Big Race to honor his sister and beat him.



Cultural references[]

  • The episode is both a parody and homage to the 1967 anime Mach Go Go Go, known worldwide as Speed Racer, in addition to containing the following references:
    • Dexter's role and outfit are based on Speed Racer, the eponymous protagonist. The car he drives, Mark 5, is based on the Mach 5.
    • The animation is based on the English dub of Speed Racer, in which the voices and mouths do not sync with each other.
    • Mandark's role and outfit are based on Snake Oiler, Speed Racer's rival. His vehicle, the Villan, is based on the car of the same name.
    • Dad is based on Pops Racer, Speed's father. The way he speaks references Pops being a fast talker.
    • Dee Dee's role, Racer D, is based on Racer X, whose real identity is Rex Racer. Her second role is based on Spritle Racer, Speed's younger brother.
    • Monkey is based on Chim Chim, Spritle's pet chimpanzee and sidekick.
  • Dexter's car, the Mark 5 is a reference to the , while Mandark's car, the Villan is a reference to the Hydrophiidae.
  • The brief pause right after the volcano erupts is a reference to the unexplained five second pauses seen in each Speed Racer episode, where the episode titles would go in the original Japanese version of Mach Go Go Go.
  • The music played while Dexter and Mandark are racing each other is very similar to the music played during the beginning of the Speed Racer episode "The Most Dangerous Race, Part 1", while Snake Oiler (whom Mandark's outfit and role are based on) and the Car Acrobatic Team wreak havoc on the race track.
  • The narrator saying that Racer D is actually Dexter's older sister Dee Dee is a reference to how on every episode he appears in, the narrator of Speed Racer mentions that Racer X is Speed's older brother.
  • The turtle that causes both Dee Dee and Mandark to crash in their respective races may be a reference to the Green/Red Shell power-up used in Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise.
  • Tom Kenny would later use his narrator voice for The Powerpuff Girls series.
  • Cartoon Network had made a special promo for this episode in which Dexter races with the real Speed Racer and tells him that he is a friend of Spritle.
  • During the Dexter's Laboratory Top 10 event that aired during Cartoon Network's weekly block Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on August 16, 2002, this episode was number 8.