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Miss Wimple
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Teacher
Interests Dexter
First Appearance Dexter Detention
Voiced By Kathryn Cressida

Miss Wimple is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She only appeared in the episode "Dexter Detention" where she is one of the teachers at Huber Elementary.

Appearance and personality[]

Miss Wimple is a tall woman with dark strawberry blonde hair tied into a bun. She wears a white long sleeved buttoned shirt with a frilly collar and black button, a tan blazer with a matching pencil skirt, black high heels, black cat eyed glasses and red lipstick.

She is shown to be a kind and caring woman, especially towards Dexter as he is her smartest student.


In her only appearance, Miss Wimple is rooting for Dexter as he can "do no wrong". Shortly after, she blows Dexter a kiss when she knows he'll pass her test. Not long after the test got started, a boy sitting next to Dexter repeatedly asks him for the answer to the first question on the test, prompting Dexter to yell out the answer in annoyance.

Miss Wimple, distraught at what she just heard, falls on her desk. Dexter runs toward her and tells her that it is going to be all right, but Miss Wimple objects and, with a heavy heart, sends Dexter to detention.