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Miss Pimmerwikle
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Teacher
First Appearance Accent You Hate
Voiced By Jennifer Hale

Miss Pimmerwikle is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She only appeared in the episode "Accent You Hate" where she is a teacher at Huber Elementary.


Miss Pimmerwikle is a tall woman with short black hair and a pointy nose. She wears a quarter length sleeved orange turtleneck sweater with a brown plaid skirt and a matching vest, brown high heels, red lipstick, gold earrings and glasses.


In her only appearance, Miss Pimmerwikle was first mentioned by Lucky when he asks Dexter about his homework, suggesting he should tell her that his shillelagh ate it. As Dexter, Lucky, and Pierre are all dealing with Gary, a boy who hates them for their "funny accents", Miss Pimmerwikle walks toward the boys and, thinking they're imitating a statue, tells Gary that art isn't until third period.

While Dexter, Lucky, and Pierre are all thinking of ways to avoid Gary, Pierre bakes some croissants and coats them with sleeping spice to give one of them to Gary. Miss Pimmerwikle, noticing the croissants, eats one of them and falls asleep.