Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Male
Species Minotaur
Occupation Super Villain
Interests Music
First Appearance The Justice Friends: TV Super Pals
Voiced By Frank Welker

Minotaur is an evil music manager who enslaves great singers and makes them to do his bidding. On one occasion, he kidnapped the Sirens in order to force them to make a hit single. Luckily, Val Hallen arrived to stop him. However, Minotaur didn't fight him, and instead surrendered peacefully and requested Val's autograph, revealing that he is his biggest fan. Due to Val Hallen having to watch a monster truck event on TV, Minotaur is told nicely to release the Sirens.

The Minotaur later appears in "The Justice Friends: Pain in the Mouth" among the villains that take advantage of Major Glory's claim that The Infraggable Krunk has lost his powers and a strike on his jaw will end his onslaught on the Forces of Evil. This was Major Glory's idea to get the chip fragment out of Krunk's tooth.


Minotaur is a cattle-headed man dressed as a music manager with a gold necklace.


While Minotaur does have evil plans involving music, he does quickly surrender when it comes to any superheroes that he likes.