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Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Waitress, mechanic, & truck stop owner
First Appearance Hamhocks and Armlocks
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Midge is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She made her only appearance in the episode "Hamhocks and Armlocks".


In her only appearance, Midge works at Fix 'N Fixins, a truck stop that Dexter and his family stop at when the family car runs out of gas. In addition to being a mechanic, Midge also works as a waitress, where instead of giving Dexter's family what they want, she gives them hamhocks.

When Dad goes to change the music in the jukebox, he causes Earl, a frequent visitor, to lose his very first arm-wrestling match, and Midge reminds Dad that he has to face Earl. Dad objects at first, but when Earl slams the door in Mom's face, he challenges him to an arm-wrestling match.

During the match, Midge and several other truckers watch in suspense. When Dad beats Earl using the robotic arm that Dexter invented for him, everyone in the truck stop, including Midge, celebrates.


Midge is a tall, curvy woman with a serious look on her face. She wears a white 1960's waitress uniform with a large lavender apron wrapped around her torso.

She has brown hair in a bouffant hairstyle, a large chin, high cheekbones, a round nose, and light sky blue eyeshadow. Lastly, Midge has a cigarette in her mouth and speaks in a southern accent with a husky voice.


On first glance, Midge appears to be a cold woman with a stoic expression on her face. She doesn't treat her customers with respect, such as not giving Dexter or his family the hamburgers or ham they asked for and instead giving them hamhocks.

Just like the other truck drivers at the truck stop, Midge fears Earl, a frequent visitor who wins every arm-wrestling match he has with the other truckers, except for one after Dad changed the music on the jukebox. When Dad defeated Earl in their wrestling match, Midge cheered with the other truckers.


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