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“"Girls, is anybody thirsty?"”
Mee Mee's Mom

Mee Mee's mom
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Gender Female
Species Human
Family Mee Mee (daughter)
Occupation Housewife
First Appearance Dee Dee's Tail
Voiced By Kimberly Brooks

Mee Mee's mom is obviously the mother of Mee Mee. Not much is known about her except for that she looks a lot like Dexter and Dee Dee's Mom and she acts like her too.


Like her daughter, Mee Mee has brown hair and dark skin, but appearance-wise, she resembles Mom. The key differences being her skin, hair, clothing, and the color of her gloves. Instead having dark skin, brown hair, blue pants, light-blue top and purple kitchen rubber gloves. She also has purple earrings.


From what little is seen, it seems her personality is identical to Dee Dee's Mom.


  • "Girls, is anybody thirsty?"
  • "Well, I guess that's a yes."


  • Her daughter also had purple as the dominant color of her attire as seen in "That Crazy Robot" and in a few comics.


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