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Mechanical Time Decelerator
Mechanical Time Decelerator
Created by Dexter
Used by Dexter
Function Decelerating time on objects
First Appearance Chubby Cheese

The Mechanical Time Decelerator is one of Dexter's many inventions, that only appears in the episode "Chubby Cheese".

In the episode, the Time Decelerator was invented on the spot by Dexter to slow down the Whack-A-Weasel game, so he can win more tickets. The Time Decelerator is seen by the evil organization that runs Chubby Cheeses, and the Captain of the organization attempts to recruit Dexter to join the organization so that he can invent for them.

The Mechanical Time Decelerator, as the name suggests, is able to slow down any machine to the users' desired speed: sorta-slo, really-slo, or mega-slo.

The Time Decelerator was produced inside Dexter's computer briefcase which he carried around in the episode. Upon finishing its design on the monitor, the briefcase instantly produced the device and launched it from its underside.



  • The Time Expansion Helmet can be seen as the opposite of this device, as it instead accelerates time on those who wear it.