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Math Magician
Gender Male
Species Homo Magi
Occupation Evil Wizard
Interests Making children do homework forever, Justice Fruit Pies
Voiced By Tom Kenny

“I, the evil Math Magician, shall capture all the children and force them to do homework forever!”
Math Magician

The evil Math Magician is a powerful wizard who attempted to take over Huber Elementary. His name is a pun on the term "mathematician", which describes someone who is good at mathematics.


The Math Magician is an elderly man with a white beard. He wears a purple wizard robe and hat with yellow numbers and math symbols on them.


Major Glory arrived to stop his evil plan, but the Math Magician reminded him that violence was not allowed in school. Instead, Major Glory subdued him with "Justice Fruit Pies! The delicious treat you'd have to be crazy to hate!", and the Math Magician quickly surrendered.

Evil Numbers

The Math Magician's evil numbers.