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Dexter: Mother? Mother? (Mom opens her eyes) It is past breakfast time. (Mom closes her eyes back.) Mom? What is this strange condition, eyes all red and pussy, tongue is coated, process quickened, what could be wrong?

Dee Dee: Mum is sick.

Dexter: You fool, mothers do not get sick they take care of the sickly.

Mother: I'm sorry Dexter I am sick, you'll have to feed yourself and keep the house clean today.

Dexter: [While getting dragged away by Dee Dee] Cooking? Cleaning? These are not things a little boy not have to do.

Dee Dee: OK Dexter you clean and I'll cook. (Hands Dexter a duster]

Dexter: Yes I'll clean a simple task, don't be skittish Dexter you can clean, [Dexter dusts a lampstand and some dirt appears] Could this strange phenomenon be the substance mom calls dirt- [The dirt goes into Dexter's mouth causing him to cough and use an inhaler] Vile thing! [Kicks the duster away] That sister of mine tried to kill me.

[Dexter goes into the kitchen and sees Dee Dee mixing a bowl]

Dexter: What exactly are you making Dee Dee?

Dee Dee: A pie.

Dexter: By any chance that wouldn't be a POISON PIE! would it?

Dee Dee: No. [Pours flour into the mixing bowl]

Dexter: What is that white stuff that you are adding in?

Dee Dee: Flour.

Dexter: Aha! Flowers are for smelling they are not for eating. Poison!

Dee Dee: Not poison, flour. Now go sit down and let me finish. Hm, let's see [Dee Dee reads a mudpie recipe and grabs a handful of mud from a flower box and puts it into the mixing bowl]

[Later Dexter and Dee Dee see the pie baking in the oven]

Dexter: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I can hardly wait!

[Dee Dee serves the pie in front of Dexter and Dexter takes a bite of it]

Dexter: Light flaky crust, rich taste, but I can't quite place the flavour, is it chocolate?

Dee Dee: No.

Dexter: Poison berry?

Dee Dee: No.

Dexter: I give up, what is it?

Dee Dee: Mud.

Dexter: Oh mud, I would have never guessed. Mud!? [Dexter sticks out his tongue showing worms wriggling from the mudpile and spits it out]

Dee Dee: That's no way to behave while you were eating.

Dexter: I am done eating and you are done cooking, [Dexter stomps away] we are done, dusting, washing, drying, these things are for a mother to do.

[Dexter goes into his laboratory]

Dexter: The mother I shall have!

[Dexter constructs and puts together a mother robot and attempts to bring it alive by revvering a car engine]

Dexter: Live, live, live!

[The monitor shows the robot's heartbeat beating indicating it is now alive]

Dexter: It is ALIVE!

[Dexter brings his mother robot into the kitchen]

Dexter: Dee Dee? Good no sign of the girl, come into the kitchen Mumdroid, basic motor functions excellent, incredibly lifelike, now Mumdroid make me a peanut butter and baloney sandwich.

Mumdroid: Not until you clean your room.

Dexter: Perhaps a little too lifelike.

[Dexter watches TV while eating his sandwich while Mumdroid does all the different jobs around the house past Dexter at a fast pace, Dexter then coughs on some dust and Mumdroid brings Dexter an inhaler, then Dee Dee grabs the remote from the chair with Dexter unnoticing, then Mumdroid suddenly stops and drops clothes on Dexter and dresses him at a fast pace while Dee Dee operates the remote]

Dee Dee: Zoom!

Dexter: Dee Dee! Hand over the control sister.

Dee Dee: Uh Uh!

[Dexter and Dee Dee fight over the remote and while doing so Mumdroid starts to destroy the house and then grabs and throws a fish bowl in front of a cat and then a TV lands on top of the cat and the TV remote lands in the fish bowl, the fish then uses the TV remote and watches the cat being chased by a dog on the TV, Dee Dee then kicks back Dexter onto a piano]

Dexter: You have struck a final go Dee Dee! [Dexter walks on the piano creating notes on the piano as he does]

Dee Dee: Hi Dexter [Mumdroid brushes Dee Dee's hair and flashes are seen behind them, then a laser shoots the hair brush out of Mumdroid's hand]

Dexter: Oh Dee Dee, Meet Mumdroid 1000! Surrender the control Dee Dee.

Dee Dee: Back off Dexter!

[The two Mumdroids start to combat each other, Mumdroid 1000 punches Mumdroid's head and then Mumdroid punches Mumdroid 1000's head]

[Dee Dee sticks her tongue out at Dexter angering him]


[The two Mumdroids combat each other destroying the house even more and eventually Mumdroid 1000 throws the couch out of the window with Dee Dee and Dexter sitting on it]

Dee Dee: Dexter look!

Dexter: Oh no it is father.

[Dexter's father is seen driving his car towards the house]

Dexter: Quick Dee Dee I will take care of this room, you rebuild the kitchen, Dee Dee? [Sees Dee Dee still playing with the Mumdroid robots] Dee Dee!

Father: [Humming and then sees the couch outside] Hm, need to get that couch a polster. [Enters house] Hello honey, hello Dexter, hello, Dee Dee, hello honey! [walks upstairs to the mother's room] Hello honey!

[Dee Dee punches Dexter's head like a Mumdroid head and laughs]

[Episode ends]