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Mary Weather
Gender Female
Species Human
Family N/A
Occupation Student
Interests Poetry
First Appearance Poetic Injustice
Voiced By N/A

Mary Weather is a girl from Dexter's school who he used to like. She was in the episode "Poetic Injustice" where Dexter wanted to make her love him. Mary Weather is always slapping Dexter up against the window of the bus because he does loving things to her in ways she does not like. Her face is never shown and she is never heard speaking.


Mary Weather has brown hair, a long neck with a purple scarf, blue pearl earrings and a pink dress. It’s unknown what her facial features are like except for her lips are pink indicating that she wears pink lipstick.


  • Mary Weather's face has never been shown, similar to Miss Bellum. However, when she kissed Dexter, her lips and mouth were seen and they were a bright pink color.
  • Mary Weather has never had a single talking line in the entire show.
  • Mary's name is a reference to the female name "Meriwether", which means "happy weather" in Middle English.
  • It's referenced in the episode "Babe Sitter" when Mandark has used a girl's brown hair.