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Mar-10, Fred and Tiny are three lazy easy-going robots who escaped from Dexter's lab in order to live a more fun-filled life.

Appearance and Personality[]



Mar-10 (Mart(e)y; Martie) is the leader and the smartest of the trio. He is the most easy-going and prefers to lounge about all day rather than work. He has a love for music, women and oil drinks. He is a gold C-3PO-like robot with a sunhat and a light bulb nose. He is voiced by Martin Mull on which the character may be named after.



Fred (F.R.E.D. - Fast Response Executive Droid), is the least brightest and the least easy-going of the group. He often says more than he should and seems to fear and respect Dexter more than his companions. He likes dancing and attractive Italian sports cars. He is a short silver R2-D2-like robot with an antenna wearing a glass dome and equipped with wheels rather than legs and short arms with u-shaped hands. His is voiced by Fred Willard on which the character was possibly named after.


Tiny holding oil drinks

Tiny, is the smallest and the least humanoid of the trio. He is a small floating droid who communicates with beeps, similar to R2-D2. He is equipped with retractable arms, a multi-colored disco ball and he is pretty good at making oil drinks.


Lab on the Run[]

After having had enough of Dexter's constant slave driving and mistreatment, Mar-10, Fred and Tiny escape the laboratory and go out to have the best night of their artificial lives.

Back to the Lab[]

In the The Hip-Hop Experiment, Mar-10, Fred and Tiny appear in the music video of "Back to the Lab" by Prince Paul, where they are seen dancing or strutting through various parts of the music video.

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