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Mandark's Tower

Mandark's Tower appears only in the feature film Ego Trip where was Mandark's residence when he became head of The Corporation.


From the outside, the shape of the tower was a single white M. Inside, it contained 3 offices: the first was where the employees were in cubicles, the second was where the secretaries were and the third was. The tower undergoes a drastic renovation where it becomes a castle. Outside, the castle is filled with M, chimneys and a lava moat. Inside, contain the Neuroutomic Flo-Control on center and a bathtub.


Before it was just a building of the Corporation where Dexter and Mandark in adulthood were partners. But when Mandark stole Dexter's projects and became president of The Corporation, the building became a gigantic tower in the shape of the first letter of his name and became his residential seat. After Mandark seizes Dexter's Neurotomic Protocore to corrupt the world, the tower becomes a castle that becomes the seat of Mandark's global government. Mandark's castle is completely destroyed when Dee Dee activated in positive mode on Neuroutomic Flo-Control.