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Major Glory Gang
Major Glory Gang
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Major Glory fans
Interests Major Glory
First Appearance Figure Not Included
Voiced By Rob Paulsen & Tom Kenny

The Major Glory Gang are three young Major Glory fanboys who collect his action figure toyline. They only appear in the episode "Figure Not Included."


In their only debut appearance, the Major Glory Gang runs down the sidewalk and bump into Dexter, who is forbidden from joining them since he doesn't own a Major Glory action figure. When Dexter shows them the Major Glory action figures he made, they each want one of their own, but they have to share the same powers.

As the boys have their action figures duel each other, the figures themselves overload and explode into pieces, leaving them angered at Dexter. Suddenly, the real Major Glory appears and carries Dexter off to meet his attorney as he committed copyright infringement.