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Major Glory's Room

Major Glory's All-American room

Major Glory's Room is Major Glory's bedroom in the Muscular Arms apartment building. The room itself is a small and seemingly humble adobe but with a very patriotic decor and All-American charm.



The door to Major Glory's room in "Can't Nap".

The door leading into the room is the same color and design as the rest of the ordinary doors in the apartment, with the only key difference being the American Flag poster hanging from its outside. The room itself has blue shag carpeting, white walls and large blue marble columns on golden or bronze pedestals with star-spangled crowns around them. Hanging from the columns are lavish red cloths to help complete the patriotic Red, White and Blue ensemble.

Compared to the rest of his room, Major Glory's bed is an extravagant and eye-catching piece of furniture made of either bronze or gold metal and having two bald eagle statues as bed posts. Each of the eagles has their wings spread inward towards the bed and on their wings hangs an impressive shield that embodies the American Flag with its red and white stripes, blue top, and white stars, which truly exemplify the traditional symbol and spirit of America. On the foot of the bed is another American flag pattern consisting of the red and white stripes pointing to a single white star, and on top of the foot of the bed are three little American flags. Next to this lavish bed is a rather intricate lamp and alarm clock combination also made of either gold or bronze metal.