Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Male
Species Lava Monster
Interests Sleeping
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Magmanamus
Voiced By Brad Garrett

Magmanamus is a minor character in the Dexter's Laboratory segment Dial M for Monkey. He only appeared in the titular episode of the same name.


Magmanamus is gigantic in size, easily towering over the tallest buildings in the city. His body is completely made out of boiling magma, although it seems it's not always boiling as certain things he touches do not melt or get set ablaze when he touches them. It is also a nod to the kaiju: Hedorah from the Godzilla franchise.


Magmanamus is temperamental but not evil as he simply wants to have a good sleep. He will not resort to violence unless provoked or attacked but because of his appearance he is usually attacked or provoked on sight with no one ever bothering to listen to what he says because of his frightening appearance, the only exception being Monkey who was the only one to ever understand his plight.


Magmanamus is a powerful foe and possibly one of the strongest foes Monkey ever faced alongside Rasslor and Badaxtra, as he was easily able to overpower Monkey. Because he is made of magma, he can survive the intense heat below the earth's surface and spawn flames around him if he so wishes.


Dial M for Monkey: Magmanamus[]


Magmanamus trying to sleep.

Magmanamus has slept deep below the earth for centuries until the immense noise from the surface world woke him up and he decided to complain to mankind to cease their endless racket. Although he is not evil (just a bit grumpy) he is mistaken for it by the human race and because of this Monkey proceeds to attack him. No matter what he does he cannot seem to harm him eventually Monkey finds out he just wants to sleep so he captures Magmanamus in a beam and rocks him to sleep, but he wakes up just before the episode ends.


  • Mamanamus is likely a parody of Solderath a Lava Man villain from DC's Super Friends.