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Lucky & Pierre
Gender Male
Species Both: Human
Lucky: Possibly Leprechaun
Occupation Students
Interests Gold (Lucky)
Cooking (Pierre)
First Appearance Accent You Hate
Voiced By Jeff Bennett (Pierre)
Tom Kenny (Lucky)

Lucky & Pierre are two of Dexter's friends from school who have funny accents like his, with Lucky having an Irish accent and Pierre having a French accent. They both made their only appearance in the episode Accent You Hate.

Lucky was voiced by Tom Kenny and Pierre by Jeff Bennett.


In the episode, all three kids were being menaced by a bully with a hatred towards kids with funny accents who planned to beat them up at 3:00 PM. To avoid being beaten up, they tried numerous schemes which ended up failing, such as bribing him with Lucky's pot of gold (which he simply ignored and tripped out of Lucky's hands), feeding him croissants made by Pierre filled with sleeping spice (which were then accidentally eaten by Miss Pimmerwikle), and fighting back with one of Dexter's robots (which was short-circuited by water). When the scheduled beating finally came, all three boys were no match against the bully, luckily they were saved by the other kids in school with funny accents, whose accents drove the bully crazy and caused him to hit the school statue, swelling up his face and giving him a funny accent which brought him much shame and pain. The next day, the three boys were shocked to see the bully again, but not before he revealed that he had reformed and had now become their friend.


  • Although never stated, Lucky may be a Leprechaun, as hinted by his attire and the fact that he has a magic pot of gold in his locker.